Yui is chief of the AI Promotion Team at its communications, which delivers communication services including cable TV and Internet. Amid rapid changes in the industry, customer calls have grown more numerous and complex. To help the company’s operators handle their growing workload, Yui managed the design and implementation of an AI solution that uses IBM Watson Discovery and Watson Speech to Text. The effort has improved and streamlined the customer experience and is expected to generate significant cost savings, starting this year. 

What has your company achieved with AI?
We have reduced customer-response times and shortened the time required to train new employees. By visualizing the contents of customer interactions on calls, we’ve significantly reduced administrative task workloads. In the near future, we expect to increase customer satisfaction by analyzing the contents of customer interactions to improve service.  

What advice would you share with others who are considering using AI?
When I was assigned to my current job approximately two years ago, I had a limited understanding of AI, from newspapers. When I started learning more, I came to understand that AI is not magic—but it has enormous potential if we can properly nurture it. I recommend that you see many different types of AI with your own eyes. This will enable you to be more imaginative when thinking about how to produce the most synergistic effects if AI is infused. 

What’s the best career advice you’ve received?
When I was a new employee, my boss said, “You can hardly do anything because you’ve just started a new job, so do whatever you can.” These words are at the root of how I work today. 

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