Tiphanie, senior director of ADP’s AI Assisted Service and Automation, leads AI efforts across multiple divisions of the company. Considered an ADP AI thought leader, Tiphanie has built a team that is leveraging AI to enhance both internal business processes and the client experience. Her team has spearheaded the use of IBM Watson APIs to create a virtual agent that manages queries from ADP’s clients. By the end of last year, this AI-powered app improved “agent containment,” the share of inquiries resolved in a single interaction, which resulted in measurably higher client satisfaction scores.

What was the business opportunity you sought to address by using Watson?
At ADP, we’re “Always Designing for People,” which means we're continuously looking for ways to enhance the client experience and respond to the changing needs of the workforce with insights and solutions. We have been digitally transforming the client experience by integrating Watson Assistant and Watson Machine Learning into the service tools we provide, in order to deliver increased personalization and self-service functions. We're using digital approaches that eliminate low-value tasks, add automation and help teams work smarter—all while enabling growth.

What has your company achieved with Watson?
I worked on the team that brought the ADP Virtual Assistant (A.V.A.) to our clients, and it has been extremely well-received. Over the last 18 months, A.V.A. has handled 900,000 client interactions, answering questions across over 150 different topics. As a result, client satisfaction scores are higher. In fact, nearly 100% of clients said they resolved their issues using the tool, which is built on IBM Watson Assistant and hosted on the IBM Cloud.

What benefits are you anticipating in the future?
ADP’s approach to AI is grounded in years of research and testing to validate approaches and usefulness. We identify the tasks and activities best suited for automation and then design tailored solutions. We are constantly communicating feedback from user interactions, as well as our own learnings, back into the system to make our solutions stronger. We’ll only strengthen our applications of the technology as we look for ways to solve problems, improve operational efficiency and create value for our clients.

She puts Watson Assistant to work

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