Tanuja was the driving force behind Behr’s new Color Discovery tool, a mobile app that helps consumers choose a paint palette by asking them how they want their home to feel. Home improvement projects can be overwhelming, but by using Watson to offer personalized color recommendations, Tanuja hopes to make the prospect of painting a room a little less daunting.

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What was the challenge your organization sought to address by using AI?
Choosing a paint color in a home improvement store can be overwhelming. There are so many colors to choose from. Design shows, magazine articles and Pinterest projects can all inspire consumers, but can also add to the paradox of choice. This often keeps people from moving forward with their projects and can be a barrier for sales. Our big goal is to provide tools to help people find their perfect color.

How are you using Watson in your business?
We researched the relationship between colors and feelings, and built the Color Discovery tool on our website. The tool has been very successful, but was limited in reach since it was only on our site. With IBM Watson, we were able to embed the tool within a mobile app so consumers could use it while choosing a paint color at home, in a store or on the go. Watson used natural language processing, tone analysis and extensive training on Behr colors to deliver a customized color palette for each consumer.

What benefits are you realizing with your organization's use of AI?
Brands like Amazon, Netflix, Spotify and others have raised the bar on consumer expectations. We know consumers don't want a one-size-fits-all solution. For brands to stay relevant and offer meaningful value to consumers, we have to build products and solutions based on their individual needs. AI allows us to use consumer input to offer the personalized recommendations they are seeking.

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