Siewchoo has led DBS Bank, a Singapore-based multinational banking company, toward taking advantage of AI both internally and in customer-facing channels. In addition to using AI in a customer service domain, DBS has introduced Hiri, a Watson-based virtual assistant designed to help answer employee questions without human intervention, additionally DBS also using various Watson APIs and services in their multiple markets.

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What was the opportunity you sought to take advantage of with AI?
We are a customer-obsessed organization. As such, we always begin solving problems for our customers by understanding their everyday needs and pain points. So far, we have used AI to understand more about our customers and employees, but now we are also looking to completely change banking using AI. For example, we are working on using AI and big data to deliver tailor-made solutions to our customers in real time. We also want to use AI to make a sustainable impact in our community by reaching those who don’t have access to formal financial services.

What benefits have you realized with AI so far?
Our first AI-driven virtual assistant now handles more than 80 percent of requests on Facebook Messenger accurately without human intervention. We also deployed AI to transform our employee experience. Since the launch of our Watson-backed employee assistant Hiri, more than 7,000 employees have received answers to more than 40,000 questions. Similarly, we transformed our recruitment journey using another AI initiative. Since the launch, we have increased our reach fivefold, the amount of time needed to screen candidates has been reduced by 75 percent, and candidates’ drop-off rate has decreased from 15 percent to three percent.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
The best advice I have received is to be yourself and not modify your character or values to conform to the norms of your environment. For the generation of women who are entering the workforce now, I would say that this is the time to seize the moment. Take hold of the opportunity to pursue what you are passionate about and have no doubts about the impact you can make.

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