Having developed more than 18 use cases for AI in health, safety and much more at Woodside, Shelley and her team are pioneering AI integration in their industry.

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What was the opportunity you sought to address with AI?
This is about a team effort in unlocking the collective intelligence of our organization—both past and present. It’s about enabling and empowering our people, and making their jobs better by giving them the right information sooner, generating insights and actions to improve our business. In this way, we will become a true learning organization.

What benefits are you realizing?
Tasks that used to take weeks are now done in days, enabling our people to spend much more time on high-value tasks such as analyzing, interpreting and making decisions rather than collecting information. It’s now all at our fingertips.

What have you learned that you wish you’d known when you first started working with AI?
My own learning journey with AI is ongoing, but at this point I can reflect that being able to deliver a technically viable solution is only one part of the challenge. Embedding AI in how people work requires an investment well beyond project delivery, and that’s what we’re focusing on now.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
Be brave, not perfect.

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