Sabine has helped Daimler integrate AI into multiple levels of the automotive company’s business. Under her leadership, Daimler has rolled out Ask Mercedes, a Watson-based customer service chat bot that has been able to replace about 60,000 phone calls per year. AI has helped Daimler become more efficient both on the customer-facing side of their business and in their internal operations.

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What was the challenge you sought to address in your organization through AI?
Daimler is facing one of the biggest challenges in its history. Radical technological advancement, new players entering the market, and shifts in how people use mobility have all come together to create a disruptive force to this organization. We as a company have had to examine how we need to transform to thrive in the future. This has meant changing how we do business, sourcing untapped revenue streams, and shifting the way we work internally. Our vision is to become the digital champion of our industry. AI has been instrumental in helping us reach this goal.

What benefits are you realizing with Daimler’s use of AI?
Applying AI has helped simplify (and in some cases fully automate) processes that had previously cost significant time and resources. One example is an AI application that we use for airfreighting of our car parts. It is a complete bot automation that scans hundreds of daily emails of parts shipments, plus generates custom clearance reports at the border.

What have you learned since Daimler began using AI?
We have learned that exploring AI is fundamental to any organization. There is so much potential in simply investigating how AI can enhance the way you work, or the services and experiences you provide. The risk of being left behind is far greater than the commitment to learn, do and deliver.

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