Ona leads Danske Bank’s digital transformation, aimed at achieving higher availability and reliability of Danske’s products and services—and ensuring that customer service constantly improves.

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What was the opportunity you wanted to pursue with AI?
We are constantly seeking to improve the service our customers are receiving, so we are on a transformation journey to achieve higher availability and reliability of our services, as well as create innovative products. In terms of operational stability, we want to introduce the core capability of detecting and resolving incidents before they cause issues for our customers.

How are you using Watson in your business?
We are in the process of applying two products: Watson for IT Service desk where an AI-powered chatbot/virtual assistant will resolve IT issues for internal bank colleagues, and Predictive Insights to foresee IT outages before the actual customer impact occurs. We see both tools as key factors in making IT support faster, more automated and more efficient.

What advice would you share with others who are considering using AI?
Setting up AI technology takes time—and human brains. The quality of the output you get from the data is very much dependent on the data you put in. Highly skilled employees calibrate the system in an ongoing iterative process and help teach the system. It takes time and talented IT professionals to tailor and adjust and integrate these systems into the organization’s IT environment. But when you invest in this, it makes it possible to create a positive culture across the organization.

What’s the best advice you’ve everreceived?
I would say the best advice can be summed up in three main points: dream big, always learn and develop, and do not give up on your dreams. “Always learn and develop” is the most important to me. The biggest development achievements take a lot oftime and small incremental steps that are not visible on a daily basis. Only if we enjoy the learning process itself and keep doing that for a long enough time, will we realize how much we have achieved or how much we have changed.

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