At Telstra, the Australian telecommunications company, Nicole is the technical product owner for “Codi”—Telstra's first-of-its-kind IBM Watson Assistant-based virtual assistant. Codi securely handles approximately 10,000 conversations every day, enabling Telstra to improve the customer experience while significantly reducing costs.

What was the business opportunity you sought to address by using AI?
We started our journey by creating a virtual assistant that could answer customers’ questions and educate them on how to use our digital services. If Codi is unable to resolve the customer’s inquiry, they’re seamlessly connected with a human agent who can help. By removing simple and repetitive inquiries from our front-of-house teams, we can get customers the help they need—day or night. More recently, we’ve been delving into end-to-end experiences and authenticated journeys to have more intuitive conversations with our customers. 

Please tell us about your project and how you’re using Watson in your business.
Codi is our virtual assistant—the concierge to our business. Using Watson, Codi understands hundreds of questions across multiple segments and domains in multi-level, contextual flows. Handling approximately 300,000 inquiries a month, across our app and website, Codi really is the digital front door to our business. In March of this year, we expanded Codi to hand off to both live chat and messaging agents. This will further reduce costs and give customers their channel of choice. We’re also expanding into the authenticated space through an end-to-end journey, where we can anticipate customers’ needs and drive an even better experience. 

What has your company achieved with Watson?
Using Watson, we’re able to identify specific inquires and get our customers the right help. Since launch, we’ve seen a reduction in agent handling time, a reduction in traffic to our chat, messaging and call centers, and increased adoption of our digital self-service tools.

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