Laura and her team developed a virtual assistant and incorporated it into their portals to help customers find answers. With a wealth of content available, making queries easier and more effective has the potential to be a big differentiator in improving the customer support experience.

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What benefits are you realizing with your organization’s use of AI?
Machine learning has helped to bridge the gap between the way we talk about our products and the way customers do. We’ve realized what a corporate asset machine learning models can be to improve our own operations. We see the opportunity to establish centers of excellence, build a learning model catalog, and enable all teams in VMware to use these technologies for their own use cases.

What do you believe is most critical to making an AI project successful in driving business results?
In such a technically rich field, I think success is actually related to culture. Machine learning brings the opportunity to answer key questions for your business, but it also shows patterns and brings insights that you might not be prepared for. It’s important that your team trusts the data used to build the model and has confidence in the model predictions, so they are prepared to trust the insights and the results that machine learning might deliver.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
A boss once told me: “Don’t try to improve the things you aren’t good at. It takes a lot of time and wastes your talent. Instead, focus on what you love and what you are good at. Double down on those skills because they will do the most good and bring you the most joy.” In a time when you are expected to be great at everything, you can be a domain expert, be an inspirational leader, and be a nurturing parent, but choose for yourself where you want to excel. I've learned that I want to be good enough at most things and be exceptional in a few things I care most about.

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