Kyoka is leading Honda R&D’s efforts to train its automotive engineers to use advanced IBM Analytics tools, helping them to better understand driver behavior, to increase the reliability of cars, and to design a more personalized driving experience.

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What was the challenge you sought to address with AI?
The challenge was to raise our engineers’ interest in wanting to use other people’s data that could enhance their analysis. I offered an open proof of concept for people who have different engineering expertise for data they had never used, which helped engineers imagine how they can enlarge their analysis capability with other sources of data.

What benefits are you realizing?
Teaching AI helps people to organize their own thinking and their processes, and to help focus their core of knowledge. It was a surprise to me that when AI functions well at work, business people seem to create more ideas to do better work. It may be because AI helps unburden some of their workload.

What do you wish you knew when you first started with your work with AI that you know now?
AI planning requires special skills, and not every project ends in success.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
Push the frontier, and open the way to go where you want to go. Enjoy being a woman and a mother while you become an important person at work. Get in touch with a lot of great people at work. There are lots of learning opportunities outside of schools and your own workplace.

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