Jennifer has helped the United States Marine Corps pursue a wide variety of AI implementations, from back-end business operations to field applications. Her goal is to continue to pair Marines with machines to be more effective both on the frontlines and behind the scenes.

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How are the Marines using Watson?
Given the diverse mission set of the Marine Corps, we are pursuing many different approaches, and Watson is one of the many technical solutions that we have piloted. With Watson, we are looking at better ways to optimize the skill sets of the individual Marine, and to increase small unit performance by optimizing training events in the classroom and in the field. Traditionally this work had been completed by hand. Now, with Watson, we are unlocking new insights that we hadn’t discovered with manual processes.

What are you learning in your use of AI?
Each effort has provided an opportunity to learn how we want to employ a capability, to learn how we want to establish a continuous DEVOPS pipeline, and to learn even more ways that AI can assist Marines. The biggest thing that we have learned through each effort is that we are at the beginning of a transformational journey.

What do you wish you knew when you first started working with AI?
To embrace a philosophy of "just start" by picking a few pilot projects that solve a user problem, make business sense and have a fast execution timeline. The lessons that these pilots provide are critical to strategic growth.

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