Jenni leads the transformation and growth strategy for Telstra’s digital customer self-service channels and has deployed a virtual assistant named “Codi,” built using IBM Watson Assistant.  

What was the business opportunity you sought to address by using Watson? 
In our example we introduced a chatbot. Customer adoption and sentiment can be mixed when you launch a bot. You need to be careful not to overpromise what it can do. When utilizing chatbots, you have to be in it for the long game. You can't set and forget. You need an ongoing content curation and optimization strategy to ensure you are matching customer intents to answers and that you also remember to use contact center agents to help augment answers. It's surprising how many ways that humans can ask the same question or intent! 
Why should women be more involved in the creation and use of AI? 
For me it's not about the benefits of having more women leaders involved in AI. Any company needs to understand the role of AI, the right use cases for their business, and the ethical use if you plan to use it. What I will say is, of course it makes sense to have female representation in leadership levels so the company can represent the customers they serve. 
What’s the best career advice you’ve received? 
I have a top 10 I often reflect on. A few of those include: back yourself and be yourself, keep things in perspective, and it's OK to say you don't have all the answers as an executive or leader. Sometimes things work, and sometimes they don't. Learn and move on.  
I also firmly believe that a diverse team creates magic—don’t hire clones of yourself.  

What advice would you give to your younger self? 
So many things! I think a lot of people, not just women, but probably most women, have imposter syndrome at some part of their career, i.e. “Can I really do this?” The answer is, “Totally!” 

She puts Watson Assistant to work

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