Jaki have helped steer Harley-Davidson into the 21st century by taking advantage of a number of AI capabilities. With a suite of technologies that includes Watson Studio, they have helped the iconic motorcycle company integrate cutting-edge technology into its business model. Thanks to their leadership, the world of the future will have internet-connected motorcycles.

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What have you learned and what advice would you share with others who are considering using AI?
Even though AI is shiny and new, it’s still all about the data. The quality of your AI insights depends on the quality and governance of your data. It is critical that your business teams and partners are involved in your efforts to provide clarity, cleanliness, and correct interpretations of the data. Although it sounds silly to use “AI” and “start small” in the same sentence, you’ll find greater success by failing, learning and then winning fast.

What advice would you give to the next generation of women as they enter the workforce?
Break the rules. In other words, question the norm and challenge the routine. Imagination supported by the strength to ask “why?” will lead you to greater success.

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