Yu-Ching is an executive with Walsin, a leading manufacturer of copper wires and rods, power cables, and specialty steel, and a leading real estate developer in Taiwan and East Asia. She has led the use of Watson’s text and data analysis capabilities to hire and train new staff, study market reports, and keep align different departments within the company. Her work with Watson has helped Walsin’s employees work more efficiently, saving time and money across all levels of the corporation.

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What have you learned from integrating AI into your company?
We all know that the AI wave is coming. However, the use of AI should be based on the needs of the frontline workers. My company’s new AI program analyzed data from senior workers to help train new staff. During this program, we realized that everyone knows AI is important, but sometimes people don’t know what they want from an AI system. Finding what frontline users really need is the first challenge. Some people think that an AI system should be able to solve all their problems. Finding the bridge between people’s needs and the limits of the technology is the key to creating a great AI system.

What do you believe is most critical to making an AI project successful in driving business results?
I believe communication is most critical to making an AI project successful. Good communication helps people from different departments understand each other. Programmers need to understand the real need of frontline users, and users should help programmers design a better system. Good communication can save time and money for the company and its employees.

What advice would you give to the next generation of women as they enter the workforce?
Be a brave and honest person. Do the right thing. I’ve realized that when I choose the right path, other people with the same values will join in and we feel like an all-star team. Everyone helps each other and learns from each other. I think this is the reason I’ve been able to learn so fast in the AI field.

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