Since T-Labs has established AI as a core innovation area in 2017, the research facility of Deutsche Telekom is one of the most active players in AI in Berlin. Claudia’s team focuses mainly on the use of AI methods, such as machine learning (ML), in network-relevant use cases focusing on emerging next generation communication networks like 5G and automation of core-network capacity planning. In addition, she’s involved with Quantum AI, collaborative robotics and AI in the Internet of Things. Coming from a Data Science background, she is also very interested in the data privacy and transparency discussion.

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What opportunity were you trying to address with AI?
Our ambition behind AI projects is driven by the potential for automation and improvement. This applies to all core processes in the telco business, where AI helps to increase quality, speed and accuracy–especially looking at our highly complex network operations. What is often surprising to me is the versatility of AI: We can apply our methods to many different business problems and come up with improvements.

What do you wish you knew when you first started your work with AI that you know now?
There is a lot I learn every day about AI, and the whole public and scientific discourse is moving fast. Looking back, it would have been really helpful to be able to look two years into the future and see where to focus with all the different tools, methods and ideas would have moved.

What advice would you give to the next generation of women as they enter the workforce?
Speak out, be proud of your achievements and don’t hide. Try to be open and learn a lot every day about the things that most interest you. Doing all of this enabled me to shape my field of responsibility within T-Labs, so that I am able to work within the area I am most passionate about now.

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