Christine has transformed Autodesk’s customer service by integrating Watson Assistant into the company’s support platform, reducing wait times and costs, and improving customer satisfaction.

Learn how you can see results with Watson Assistant for Customer Service

What was the challenge you sought to address with AI?
Back in 2016, our customer support organization received one million cases per year, which cost the company anywhere between $13 and $200 per case. Our average customer satisfaction rate was at 65%, with growing wait times and a shortage of live support agents. With our move to a subscription model and direct digital sales, we needed a sustainable, scalable model. We decided to revolutionize the way we support our customers and create an experience where they actually want to engage with us. We partnered with IBM to explore their Watson platform, and have since evolved the initiative into a fully operational program.

What benefits are you realizing with your organization's use of AI?
AVA (Autodesk Virtual Agent) launched in February 2017, and her popularity as a customer support solution took even the team that developed her by surprise. Historically, our customers have waited up to two days on average for an agent to provide a solution --our agents are busy! AVA can solve easier cases in less than two and a half minutes. This has freed upour agents to focus on tougher, more complex issues.

What do you know now that you wish you’d known when you started this project?
It is crucial to understand the criteria for selecting use cases that are most likely suited for AIvirtual agents—they should be high volume, high frequency, easy to solve manually, and less complex customer questions. Also, there is more return on investment if our team focuses on improving the use cases that AVA can handle well, rather than adding more scope to the dialog capabilities.

What is something other than AI that you’re passionate about in your life?
If I had a side hustle or if I changed careers, I’d become a career coach. I find it very rewarding to help people find their path and I am a strong supporter of mentorships. I have a dream of starting an internship program for professionals already in the workforce who want to change careers!

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