At Royal Dutch Shell, Carol leads a diverse team that consists of more than 140 marketing and digital professionals in over 80 countries for Shell Global Lubricants, which has been the global market leader for 13 consecutive years and serves more than a million industrial customers in more than 150 countries. She and her team are partnering with IBM to create Oren, a “Smart Mining Platform” for digital transformation at scale that will benefit key participants in the mining industry by offering integrated solutions and services based on data, analytics and insights. It brings together the strengths of Shell and IBM’s field-proven expertise and offerings, plus the best emerging technologies from start-ups and enterprise providers.

What was the business opportunity you sought to address by using AI? 
Shell Global Commercial, the largest B2B organization within Shell, is transforming from a products business to a solution business. We are partnering with IBM to set up a marketplace platform for the mining industry. Our ambition is to transform the industry by creating a new industry-standard digital platform. The intent is to accelerate the adoption of digital services by curating tailored solutions that bring buyers and sellers together on an open marketplace platform.

What other measurable gains have you seen, and what do you hope to see in the future? 
The Smart Mining Platform will facilitate tech transfer and innovation, create an intuitive experience for users in the sector, and deliver connectivity and integration across the ecosystem. For example, using IBM Maximo Asset Management with Maximo Production Optimization module, we are co-creating a platform that we believe will improve productivity by over 70% and lead to revenue growth of more than 10%—among other benefits.  
What makes an AI project successful? 
First, start with the customer. Ask, “What customer delights do we want to create? What business pain points and frictions do we want to solve?” Second, be clear about the commercial outcome and business model. Finally, do lots of user-centric experimentation. 
What advice would you share with others who are considering using AI? 
Do not start from the technology; start with the business outcome you want to create and customer pain points you can solve. Then determine how best to leverage AI and data to create value for customers and the business.  

She puts Maximo Product Optimization to work

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