Success Stories

Thinking of joining the With Watson program? Check out some great apps that our participants have built!

H&R Block

Taxes are complicated. The tax code is more than 74,000 pages long, with thousands of changes each year. H&R Block with Watson combines the expertise of 70,000 tax pros with the powerful technology of Watson to help ensure clients maximize their refunds.

Accounting and Tax Preparation

Identity Guard

Identity Guard offers a personalized approach for protecting the information you need to keep private. With comprehensive identity monitoring, a risk assessment, threat alerts, and recommendations, Identity Guard gives you all the tools needed to keep you and your family safe.

Identity protection

Equals 3

The groundbreaking “Lucy” technology of Equals 3 addresses common challenges across research, segmentation, and media planning to become your marketing cognitive assistant.

Cognitive marketing


Influential is an AI-based influencer marketing and technology platform with the most engaged social influencers. With Influential you can tailor influencer campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter using IBM Watson services such as Personality Insights, Natural Language Understanding, and Tone Analyzer.

Social media marketing


Opentopic's Sia is a powerful cognitive engine that brings IBM Watson and cognitive technology to marketing. With Sia, discover and understand your audiences, analyze and optimize your content, and deliver transactions and results.

Cognitive insights & Personalized marketing

User interface screenshot of OpenTopic Sia

How to join


Build your app or solution with Watson APIs and meet With Watson Program Criteria.

How to get started


Download the With Watson brand assets and show us how you plan to incorporate them within your app and marketing collateral in accordance with the With Watson Brand Guidelines.

Assets & guidelines


Apply. Complete the application and submit the requested assets. We’ll get back to you within 10 business days. Once you're verified, we’ll onboard you into the program.

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