Stand out in a world of apps

The With Watson program is an application verification program that provides exclusive brand, marketing, and technical resources to developers and organizations that are embedding Watson technologies into their apps in meaningful ways.



Use Watson brand assets to show your app is built with Watson technology


Grow your reach through co-marketing activities with IBM Watson


Strengthen your app with the help of Watson technical specialists and assets

Tell the world you’re building with Watson

When you build with Watson, you make a statement to the world. Your apps leverage the leading AI technology and are the most innovative and business changing in the market.

By verifying your app through the With Watson program, you can distinguish it with the With Watson badge, which shows your users that they will receive the quality, performance and security that they expect from IBM and Watson. It also means that your app:

  • Solves a problem that could not be solved easily or quickly by other means
  • Demonstrates deep domain expertise
  • Is straightforward and intuitive to use

Success stories

How to join


Build your app or solution with Watson APIs and meet With Watson Program Criteria.

How to get started


Download the With Watson brand assets and show us how you plan to incorporate them within your app and marketing collateral in accordance with the With Watson Brand Guidelines.

Assets & guidelines


Apply. Complete the application and submit the requested assets. We’ll get back to you within 10 business days. Once you're verified, we’ll onboard you into the program.

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