Understand and predict the impact of your talent decisions

IBM® Watson Talent Insights places the power of sophisticated analytics directly into the hands of HR users so you can make fast, strategic, fact-based decisions to drive better business outcomes

What it can do for your business

Accelerate talent decisions

Use workforce analytics to get fact-based answers and easily accessible insights.

Uncover hidden patterns

Discover hidden patterns and relationships in talent data to provide deeper insight.

Influence decisions

Leverage built-in cognitive capabilities to make better organizational decisions based on talent data.

Explore Watson Talent Insights features

Analysis with multiple data sources

Easily include externally generated data with your internal talent data for superior analysis

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Surface hidden patterns in talent data

Predict outcomes and make confident decisions that positively impact business results

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Gain fresh insights from workforce data

Share fact-based results with easy-to-consume dashboards and infographics

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Fast answers to HR talent questions

Discover answers to your toughest workforce questions using any trusted workforce data

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Engaged employees drive business success

See ATB Financial use HR Analytics to understand how engaged, motivated employees can positively impact client success and loyalty

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Starting the workforce analytics journey

Learn from experts about the importance of analytics in human resources functions.

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Cut the cost and risk of employee attrition

Learn how Watson Talent Insights can help you retain the best people, reduce attrition and minimize costs.

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Identify the best employees to manage clients

Understand what skills employees need to deliver the best service to VIP clients.

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Prove your employee engagement strategy works

Find out about the importance of boosting employee engagement.

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