Like every NBA team, the Toronto Raptors hope to land the next superstar in the draft and build a competitive roster for years to come. But finding the right players at the right price with the right chemistry is a challenge for scouts. Missteps in the draft or trades that don’t work out can have long-term effects on the team’s success.

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Go around the court in this 360° video to see how Watson is helping the Toronto Raptors improve its roster.

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Enter Watson

Working with Watson, the Raptors’ front office can use a mash up of multiple cognitive APIs to analyze the play of its roster, determine what skills are missing, and recommend the best players that suit its needs.

But basketball skills are only half the story. Team camaraderie is critical to executing at a high level over the course of a season. Scouts look for players who know how to play and grow with teammates and are looking to be part of something bigger than themselves. The Watson Personality Insights API can be used to help find the players with strong character by analyzing social media accounts, interviews and more.

During the draft, if the Raptors’ number one player becomes unavailable, Watson helps find the next best selection. He’ll create a list of valuable options and propose ideal trade scenarios based on the data fed into the API's.

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A competitive advantage

Watson’s recommendations can help the team determine which players are most likely to contribute and stay with the franchise through the end of their contracts. To potentially gain an even greater competitive advantage, the Raptors can expand its capabilities with Watson as it prepares for the upcoming draft. While scouts are observing prospects, they’ll be able to input all of their findings into the Sports Insights Central platform through a mobile application. When it’s time to evaluate the players, Watson will already have data from the scouts to help make recommendations.

Watson APIs being used include:

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