Turbulence is not just a matter of comfort. It affects operations and costs airlines over $100 million a year in increased maintenance and operational costs due to delays and re-routing.

Until now, turbulence—especially that caused by thunderstorms (convectively-induced turbulence) has been hard to detect by traditional meteorological sensing methods. Today however, and only with IBM Watson, carriers are developing an intelligent detection system that combines IoT sensor data, billions of data points from The Weather Company® and real-time updates from nearby pilots.

Together, this valuable data provides pilots with timely, precise and actionable turbulence alerts and forecast guidance. For perhaps the first time, pilots can sense and respond to turbulence before it affects their aircraft. What’s more, we can now use the insights gained through this data to provide turbulence-avoidance guidance to all flights traveling through affected air space.

Of course, there’s no way to completely avoid turbulence—you can’t beat Mother Nature. But working with Watson, pilots and airlines are reducing the discomfort and its economic impact.

Giving all of us smoother and, yes, safer flying experiences.

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