What's happening to Watson Knowledge Studio?

Now on IBM Cloud

Watson Knowledge Studio is moving from IBM Marketplace to IBM Cloud. Enjoy the benefits of the latest innovations on the IBM Cloud Platform and easily deploy models to Watson Discovery and Watson Natural Language Understanding. As always, you can also export models for use in Watson Explorer.

Simplified Management

Improve your model performance with new model quality indicators and action guidance. Additionally, administrators can now directly manage users and storage packs from a new dashboard.

Updated User Experience

Streamline your model development workflow with an updated and intuitive interface. You can now use Watson Natural Language Understanding to pre-annotate your documents and save time on model development.

What should I do?

Use your existing IBM ID to create a new IBM Cloud account or use an existing IBM Cloud account to create your new WKS instance. Follow the simple migration steps here to move your content.

Free Plan and Experimental Plan (IBM Cloud)

All WKS Free Plan instances on IBM Marketplace and WKS Experimental Plan instances on IBM Cloud have been deprecated.

Standard Plan (monthly subscription)

If you have a WKS Paid Plan instance on IBM Marketplace, you should migrate your data and models as soon as possible. Month-to-month WKS subscription users on IBM Marketplace can simply sign up for the comparable WKS Standard Plan on IBM Cloud and continue to pay as you go.

Standard Plan and Premium Plan, multi-month contracts

If you have a WKS Standard multi-month and/or WKS Premium Plan instance, please contact IBM Sales for assistance with transitioning your subscription to IBM Cloud.

Additional Migration Resources

Need help migrating?

If you have any questions about the migration, we're here to help! Reach out to us on our forums.

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