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0-1,000 documents
200 news queries
1 custom model
Up to 500 pages of element classification



Tiered pricing based on environment
Includes Lite Plan allocation
Add-on pricing for news queries, custom models and element classification pages

Tiered environment pricing

  • $500* Up to 50,000 docs
  • $1,500 Up to 1M docs
  • $3,000 Up to 2M docs
  • $5,000 Up to 4M docs
  • $10,000 Up to 8M docs
  • $15,000 Up to 16M docs
  • $20,000 Up to 32M docs
  • $35,000 Up to 64M docs
  • $45,000 Up to 100M docs

* Recommended for development environment

Tiered news pricing

First 10,000 queries: $0.10 per news query
Next 10,000 to 100,000 queries: $0.05 per news query
More than 100,000 queries: $0.03 per news query

$800/custom model
$0.20 per additional element classification page

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Watson Premium plans offer a higher level of security and isolation to help customers with sensitive data requirements.

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IBM Cloud Private
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For businesses that need to run on-premises:
- Extend chatbots to answer more complex questions
- Unify enterprise datasets
- Data resides on-site
- Deploy behind firewall
- Compute isolation