User friendly

User friendly interface

Easy-to-use tooling to build multi-turn dialog and scale quickly.


Simplifying dialog

Collect multiple pieces of information from a user in a single node.


Pre-built content

Browse from a catalog of already configured customer service and industry content packs.


Analytics and recommendations

Get insights into conversations and improve your training of Watson.

Data privacy

Data privacy

We ensure that you own and protect the insights you have generated.

Watson Assistant

Watson Assistant Solutions

AI consumer applications for other industries.

Service snapshot

Virtual Assistants made easy

Create an application that understands natural-language and responds to customers in human-like conversation –in multiple languages. Seamlessly connect to messaging channels, web environments and social networks to make scaling easy. Easily configure a workspace and develop your application to suit your needs. There's no limit to what you can do.

Case study

Customer service with virtual assistants

Staples incorporated Watson Assistant into their "Easy System," which now features a seamless ordering interface and product support, whether its via their iconic Easy Button, through the app, over Facebook Messenger, or with a Slackbot. See how the API allows them to incorporate speech-to-text capabilities with a massive amount of back-end and user-generated data.

Case study

Speeding customer response times by 99 percent

Using Watson Assistant, Autodesk developed a virtual agent that interacts with customers. The solution returns answers quickly by applying natural language processing (NLP) and deep learning techniques to recognize and extract the intent, context and meaning behind inquiries.