What’s in it for you?

No matter how far you are on your digital journey, if you are looking for the right partner for your digital transformation, we encourage you to explore our innovation center – the IBM Watson Center Munich. It is the only place where you can interact and co-create with experts on intelligent assets (Internet of Things), data, artificial intelligence, cloud, security, blockchain and quantum computing, as well as relevant industry expertise.

Experience the Innovation Studio resources virtually

Even in these challenging times, the IBM Watson Center Munich is here to help you on your digital journey. A wide range of virtual resources is available, including interactive use cases, a virtual IBM Garage Design Thinking workshop, web conferences with our experts, or industry showcases you can explore online. Together, we can help you get inspired for your digital transformation.

What we offer

We want to make sure you are successful in getting value from your digital transformation journey. Our journeys can be individualized based on your demand.

Industry 4.0 and asset management

Reduce risk, lower costs and improve efficiency by adding the power of analytics, IoT and artificial intelligence to your operations.

Supply chain management

A smarter business starts with a smarter supply chain. Built to be resilient, smarter supply chains adapt when facing disruptions. They can scale to meet new demand as customer needs change. They are more reliable and designed to build trust between you and your customers.

Real estate management

Use data and AI to turn your workplace into an advantage in the fight for talent, lower costs and fewer risks.

Connected products

Unleash the power of seamlessly using data, AI and multivariant management to create new services and business models with connected products.

Journey to AI and the future of work

Demystify AI, which is changing the way professionals work across industries and allow us to take better decisions, gain more insights and optimize interactions with customers and employees.

Journey to hybrid multicloud

Built on public cloud, private cloud, and on-premises IT, hybrid cloud facilitates flexibility and portability for applications and data. With hybrid cloud, companies can effectively balance cost efficiency and innovation, security and scalability.

Our way of working


Witness the possibilities of Watson in your business — and your future.


Explore the right roadmap to implementation. Prototype and quantify business benefits and return on investment.


Learn successful change management to integrate into your final product or service.

Client success stories

Learn how the IBM Watson Center helped clients make their business smarter.


Mercedes infuses the client experience with AI from IBM Watson and leaves the car manual at the curb. The “Ask Mercedes” customer service chatbot has replaced about 60,000 phone calls per year.

VW and the IBM Garage

Volkswagen knew it could do more with its customer data. Partnering with the IBM Garage, VW focused its efforts on We Experience to provide in-vehicle services that enhance a customer’s ride and grow revenue through partnerships.


Thanks to the IBM Garage at the IBM Watson Center Munich, Siemens recently made a critical breakthrough on their way to a zero-carbon future.

The Power of AI will change the way we manage and maintain critical assets in the future. Based on deep Analytics and Big Data we will not only save cost and time but also keep infrastructure more secure and reliable –many industries will adopt predictive technologies to benefit from.

Stefan Langhirt, Director of Business Operations, PROFI Engineering Systems AG


Sandvik worked with IBM Watson IoT technology and predictive analytics to create a solution to predict and prevent equipment breakdowns, and improve productivity.

Port of Rotterdam

With 140,000 vessels carrying almost 500 million tons of freight, the Port wanted to become even more efficient. A digital twin is being created making it the world’s most intelligent harbor.


See how one of the largest insurance providers in Italy is disrupting the insurance industry through telematics and their adoption of Watson IoT for automotive.

IBM and fortiss are developing AI technologies for business and society that can make timely and reliable decisions in uncertain, complex environments and situations.

Dr. Harald Rueß, Scientific Director, fortiss

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We look forward to welcoming you to the IBM Watson Center Munich. Feel free to contact us to book your visit.