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A scalable, cloud-based virtual events platform that enables live or simulated live online event experiences. Managed from a dashboard by event organizers, the solution supports both ease-of-use and complex simultaneous online stage setups with advanced analytics. Security and access control features give organizers flexibility to control which event sessions can be accessed by specific groups of attendees. Templates for pre, during and post event experiences make it easy to spin up an event website in minutes. 




Leverage the power of a virtual event platform that has been successful in hosting massive live stream online events with millions of attendees. With a multi-CDN (Content Delivery Network) infrastructure with multiple levels of failover, event organizers can rest assured audiences will stay connected throughout the entire event.

Attendee engagement

Attendee engagement

Engage attendees through online event solution functionality. This can include chat, 1-on-1 messaging, live polling, clickable call to action video overlays, moderated Q&A, and a modifiable attendee agenda with session recommendations that can include post-event archives.



Design custom experiences that meet the needs of your unique hybrid or virtual event whether it’s a 1000-person all-hands meeting, a 75,000-person trade conference or a sporting event for millions leveraging branding template options and services to develop a one-of-a-kind, user friendly online event experience.

Event experience design services

We understand that no single project is alike, but that’s where our IBM strategists, designers and digital event experts specialize. See how the IBM team creates unique customer journey experiences for virtual conferences, online trade shows and virtual events.

Virtual events platform solutions

Hybrid event brings large scale virtual experiences

Discover how Salesforce achieves massive online audience engagement by live streaming the Dreamforce expo, bringing the event experience to millions of viewers.

Virtual events platform use cases

Virtual conferences

Host virtual trade shows that reach beyond in-person events. Power massive keynote sessions as well as multiple simultaneous track sessions with interactivity to keep people engaged.

Event app

APIs empower creating a personalized event app, offering live and on-demand functionality to attendees along with chat and other event experience features.

Lead tracking

Aid sponsors and exhibitors with detailed lead tracking, including the ability to see sessions viewed and how long. Tracking can be exported for use in CRMs or email marketing.


Definitive guide to running virtual and hybrid events

Get the most out of your virtual events platform with this definitive guide. Includes how to plan, prepping speakers and what to consider when choosing virtual event technology.

Increase conversions with live video

See video marketing strategies on using video to aid email marketing. Includes looking at lead retrieval, tracking and increasing overall conversions from video activities such as webinars.

Transform Webex with AI-driven processes

Learn how to leverage Cisco Webex Meetings for live event streaming with a user-friendly approach for event management that includes AI-driven processes on post event content.

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