Supercharge your monetization strategy

Make the most of your compelling video content while expanding revenue streams. Explore monetization options for live streaming and VOD (video on demand) libraries. Reach your target audience while taking the next step by leveraging advanced AI-driven processes.


Monetization options

Monetization options

Explore revenue stream approaches for premium content with direct video monetization, such as PPV or subscriber models. Content creators can mix and match monetization methods, including advertiser-friendly sponsorships or accepting donations to Patreon or PayPal through clickable video overlays.

Comprehensive video platform

Comprehensive video platform

From online video hosting to live streaming, the video platform supports a wide range of methods to monetize videos. This also extends beyond direct monetization as well, with the ability for video marketing promotions. It can also be used used to develop collateral for SEO (search engine optimization) to ultimately drive buyer awareness.

System reliability

System reliability

Tap into an online video platform built to scale to massive audiences. Through a multi CDN (content delivery network) setup, the delivery infrastructure has been tested to support millions of concurrent viewers on a single stream. Built to support use cases from live streaming to rich OTT (over the top) experiences.

Solution to monetize videos

Begin to monetize videos

Discover how IBM and Cleeng are helping video creators tap into new revenue streams using premium content. Features support for TVOD models (pay per view video on demand) and SVOD (subscriber video on demand) monetization options. Video content and programming can range from live streaming sports all the way to video podcasts from subject matter experts.

Monetize video use cases

Pay per view monetization

Monetize premium content, be it video on demand or live streaming. In addition to direct monetization methods, also leverage video marketing and extensive analytics to build more consistent revenue streams with pay per view. This can include reaching past target audiences, from those who bought last week to last year.

Subscriber OTT services

Create a fluid OTT experience featuring premium content. Includes different monetization options, like live streaming channel memberships or SVOD (subscriber video on demand). Through partner support, can be used to develop experiences for subscribers across Internet connected devices, from Android, iOS, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and more.

Ad revenue

Tap into an advertiser-friendly monetization option. Reliably reach large audiences, through a robust online video delivery infrastructure, with ad monetized video on demand and live streaming content. Includes support for sponsorship and running custom ads through a simulated live module.


How to monetize videos & reduce subscriber churn

Want to learn effective monetization methods on how to maximize earnings from your videos and OTT offering while securing dependable, reoccurring revenue streams? This webinar examines how video creators can generate revenue from assets through using a paywall.

Building a reliable video content delivery system

Reliability is key to support premium content and avoiding unnecessary refunds. Learn what goes into creating a robust CDN (content delivery network) infrastructure that is needed to reliably serve high quality live streaming and video on demand content to massive audiences.

Adaptive bitrate streaming for premium content

Maintain your audience by automatically transcoding your online video content. Reduce churn and abandonment through optimizing for various connection speeds, supporting mobile devices with a slower connection to those that can watch high definition video content.

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