IBM offers video advertising and monetization solutions tailored for live streaming and video on-demand.

For businesses with existing ad solutions,
IBM’s video streaming service offers an integration with established methods of serving ads, working with existing ad servers, sales and operations. For enterprises new to live streaming,
our experts are here to help with insights on ad placements, formats, managing your yield with ad networks and optimizing for best performance.

Key Benefits

Video Ads Tailored for Live Broadcasting

Video Ads Tailored for Live Broadcasting

Mid-rolls, Ad-pods, ad cue-triggered breaks, client-side ad insertion (CSAI), server-side ad insertion (SSAI) on desktop, mobile, or connected TV. Tackle everything from web-exclusive video content monetization to TV-style live-playlist broadcasts with SSAI ad breaks encoded into the video stream.

Ad Server Flexibility with IAB Standards

Ad Server Flexibility with IAB Standards

Make sure ads are delivered, experienced and measured as intended. Integrate with Google IMA, VAST, or VPAID HTML by using ad waterfall on all devices. Our player is compatible with any Ad Server using IAB standards. If your business doesn’t have an Ad Server ready, IBM offers Managed Ad Services, detailed reporting and insights.

Comprehensive Control of Sales Rights

Comprehensive Control of Sales Rights

Multi-layered ad rules help in matching ads, sponsors and ad-free zones to content, device, URL and region. Pre-screen syndicated players are provided to help with brand safety.

Plug-and-Play Google DFP Integration

Plug-and-Play Google DFP Integration

Manage ad tags and placements directly from your dashboard. The IBM Watson Media Mobile SDK and video player come integrated with Google Doubleclick for Publishers (DFP) and Google IMA out of the box.

Use Cases

24/7 Exclusive Online Live Broadcasts

  • Live streaming video with server-side playlists
  • Using themed live channels accessible on any device
  • Monetizing by pre- and mid-rolls automatically
  • Running sponsor ads with ad network backfill

Live Event Series

  • Live events with all-day live streams
  • Web-exclusive broadcasts, simulcasts custom built apps, syndication to partners and websites
  • Broadcaster-inserted ad cues for sponsor ads

Live Content as Marketing

  • Live event built around marketing campaigns
  • Broadcast information about products updates
  • Flexible manual mid-roll pods fired at scripted times
  • Customized call to action ad breaks per segment

Online-Exclusive short form Live Streams

  • From 30-minute to 24-hour live shows
  • Web-exclusive interviews, meet and greets, backstage
  • Interactive chat, integrated moderated Q&A, live chat
  • Advertising currently released product

Pre roll

This is the most universal ad placement – used on both the client-side and server-side. It can be deployed across any device in any format and can run VAST and VPAID HTML ads right before content starts.

  • Good for short and long-form assets
  • Suited for live or on-demand content
  • Skippable
  • Easily measurable with SSAI (Server-Side Ad Integration)
  • High click-through and low abandonment rates
Pre roll

Mid roll

Online ad breaks are a must-use video monetization tool for live and long-form content. IBM Watson Media offers various options to initiate mid-roll breaks for your video stream, supporting both multi-ad pods and skippable ads.

  • Timed mid-rolls – Relative to viewing time, doesn’t use cue points, for long, web exclusive streams
  • Mid-roll cue tool – Broadcaster inserts ad cues to signal the server for a commercial break
  • Live Playlist – SSAI solution, stitching Ads into a streaming Playlist, ideal for TV, rebroadcasts
Mid roll

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