Video production process for high-quality video

Learn how Sandy Audio Visual, a corporate video production company that partners with IBM, offers expert audio visual services at scale. With over 10 years of experience in web video, the company leverages cutting edge video equipment and delivery technology from IBM to specialize in distributing high-quality video content over local and wide area networks.


Full service

Full service

Take advantage of a full service production team that handles the complete video project. Services range from pre-production, storyboards and best practice consulting, to videography and live streaming to post-production and video editing.

High-quality video

High-quality video

Rely on expert videographers, camera crews and technicians with cutting-edge equipment to produce high-quality video experiences, whether in-person or virtual, supporting use cases from marketing videos to virtual events and corporate communications.

Scalable processes

Scalable processes

Tap into AI-driven processes like intelligent recommendations and automated closed caption generation and the associated pre-event AI training to reduce manual efforts and produce accessible, discoverable content at scale.

Corporate video production solutions

Live streaming event services

Elevate your virtual conferences and live events. See how IBM iX creates a unified portal experience for viewers of online trade shows and virtual events, fostering an engaging environment for your target audience.

Corporate video production use cases

Live corporate events

Stream corporate communications or video marketing events like product launches to massive audiences with high quality video content that can support high definition and 4K video.

Entertainment venues

Host online events like concerts or sport venues while monetizing through pay-per-view access. Leverage camera switching and motion graphics for a professional look and feel.

Virtual events

Create multi-speaker, virtual trade shows. Leverage massive keynote sessions with thought leaders and provide professional video production teams to help talent and speakers.


Live delivery system built for scalability

Find out what it takes to successfully and reliably stream professional video content to huge target audiences through multiple delivery layers that help you scale to reach the masses.

How to increase conversions online

Increase your lead conversions with a video marketing strategy. This includes video content for the sales funnel through virtual events, testimonial videos, webinars, explainer videos and more.

Adaptive bitrate streaming

Discover how a video stream configured for adaptive bitrate delivery attempts to provide the best video experience for viewers based on their available connection speed.

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