Video production

IBM Watson Media’s live HD video production is a turnkey solution for all of your production needs. In addition to standard live production components, we also provide:

  • Creative production
  • On-camera talent coaching
  • Post-production highlights & sizzle reels

IBM Watson Media has extensive experience in producing:

  • Corporate events & conferences
  • Interactive Q&A’s 
  • Branded content
  • Live sporting events

Live video encoding services

IBM Watson Media can provide encoding services that range from sending an encoding technician onsite, to work with your existing crew, to coordinating delivery via satellite or fiber circuits. Our encoding specialists ensure flawless delivery of the video from your point of production to audiences all around the world. Contact IBM Watson Media to discuss encoding solutions for your next event.

Distribution and promotion

The most important part of any live event is making sure you have an audience that shows up and is engaged in your content. For a live streaming webcast, you need your audience to show up at a specific time and spread the word fast.

Do you have specific viewership goals? Want to guarantee that your video content will be seen and is targeted to the right viewers? IBM Watson Media can syndicate your live and recorded content to reach millions of people directly in line with your brand’s target demographic.

Event management

Have an important live event that you want to ensure goes off without a hitch? IBM Watson Media’s expertise in live video event management is unmatched in the industry. Our Event Operations team will manage the entire process alongside your creative, marketing and technical teams to set up and fully customize your IBM Watson Media channel, test with the video production crews, show you how to maximize your social media exposure, provide ’round the clock tech support and monitor every aspect of the event.

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