Using IBM’s video streaming products, content owners can stream live content to massive audiences from video players embedded on a website or from behind a restricted content portal. Utilize broadcast tools and software, hardware encoders, apps or browser-based solutions to live stream. With access to virtually real-time analytics, you can easily use individual viewer tracking and stream monitoring to gauge performance.

Extend your reach

Simplify your workflow

Live stream using a multitude of options, from broadcast software, hardware and even mobile-based encoders. Afterward, your live stream is auto-archived for later use, and can be downloaded by you for editing or trimmed directly in the cloud.

Control your content

Flexible publishing options make it simple to reach your audience in the manner you choose, from password protection to the ability to control embeds and where others can share your video content.

Reliable live streaming

Tap into multiple content delivery networks (CDNs) to reach large, geographically diverse audiences. With IBM’s software-defined content delivery network (SD-CDN), content owners get access to intelligent traffic management.


  • Webcasting

  • Cloud transcoding

  • AI-based speech to text

  • Automated closed captioning

  • Live polling

  • Password protection

  • HD streaming

  • Analytics and insights

  • Worldwide delivery

  • Content management

  • Auto archiving

  • Real-time monitoring

What our users think

“The greatest advantage to using [IBM Video Streaming] as a service is its ease of use...”

Eric Nisly
Academic Technologies Consultant
University of Notre Dame

“We use [IBM Video Streaming] to deliver monthly livecasts to thousands of live viewers and it has worked flawlessly every time. The video image quality is the best we’ve seen and just works!”

Travis Shields
Shields Films, Inc.

“We have used this platform for five years and enjoyed every part of it. The consistency and quality is amazing...”

Melody Barker
Director of Operations
Maximum Performance International

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