Comprehensive video streaming platform

See how Roland uses a cloud-based webcasting solution for a global product launch featuring famous musicians. Roland’s live video strategy includes internal business needs as well, aligning global teams of employees.



Scalability for Live Streaming Platforms

Tap into multiple content delivery networks (CDNs) to reach large, worldwide audiences. Utilize a live streaming service focused on delivering both scale and reliability to massive audiences while supporting 24 hours or longer of consecutive live broadcast content.


Customization for Live Streaming Platforms

Adapt the live streaming platform to your brand and needs, forgoing limitations of free solutions like YouTube Live and Facebook Live. Customize landing pages with templates or embed content onto existing websites. Leverage APIs to develop custom experiences for mobile devices or deliver analytic functionality in other platforms.

Simplify workflow

Simplify workflows for Live Streaming Platforms

Depend on a virtually all-in-one streaming solution. Manage live broadcasts, on-demand video and interactive elements like chat or video overlays from one platform. Tap into automatic encoding to reach virtually any device while using AI-driven closed captions to broaden accessibility.

Live streaming platform solutions

Live video monetization

Learn how IBM and Cleeng help customers find new revenue streams through on-demand and live video monetization. With pay per view and subscriber revenue models, broadcasters and content creators can monetize their live events.

Live streaming platform use cases

Live events

Run massive virtual events from a scalable live streaming platform. From virtual trade shows to corporate communication, organizations can offer live video to massive audience sizes. Tap real time analytics and insights, including the ability to monitor end viewer quality.

Video marketing

Allow marketers to run virtual events, product launches, webinars and host video case studies from a virtually all-in-one video streaming platform. Take advantage of clickable video overlays to promote calls to action for viewers, while tracking lead quality with individual viewer data.

OTT (over-the-top)

Curate a rich library of high quality HD (high definition) and 4K video content for OTT playback. Leverage video monetization to generate revenue from subscribers. Utilize live encoding to broaden audiences while supporting media devices like Roku through direct HLS (HTTP Live Streaming).


Live delivery system built for scalability

Discover what it takes to reliably broadcast high quality video content to massive audience sizes. Covers the advantages of using multiple delivery layers that help to achieve scale.

Adaptive bitrate streaming

Learn how encoding an RTMP video stream can reach a wide range of bandwidth speeds through adaptive bitrate delivery. Can be used for live broadcast and on-demand video content.

Definitive guide to running virtual events

Conduct live events with your streaming service through using this definitive guide. Includes how to plan, prepping speakers and what to consider when choosing virtual event technology.

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