Event live streaming engage huge audiences

Learn how Salesforce expands the reach of the Dreamforce conference by being able to reliably draw in remote attendees, streaming a live event to millions of viewers.




Reach larger audiences without the physical limits of in-person events. A streaming service with a multi-CDN (Content Delivery Network) infrastructure helps deliver live streaming events to massive virtual audiences, even 24-hours a day.



Go live while giving viewers a multitude of ways to engage in real time with presenters and other participants using desktop browser or iOS and Android devices. Examples include chat rooms, moderated Q&A, instant calls to action, live polls, breakouts, etc.

Real-time metrics

Real-time metrics

Capture digital touchpoints during your live stream event, including viewing specifics, interactivity elements, chat room engagement and more. These valuable real-time metrics give insight into what motivates your audience and can be used to influence post-event follow-up activities.

Live event streaming solutions

Live streaming event platform

See how SiliconANGLE hosts over 100 virtual events, expanding audiences. Learn how they create live streaming event coverage from a scalable, ease-of-use live streaming platform that features near real-time analytics.

Live streaming solution use cases

Virtual conferences

Create multi-speaker, virtual trade shows. Leverage massive keynote sessions with thought leaders while utilizing polling or Q&A to interact with conference attendees at scale.

Sports or concerts

Host virtual event entertainment venues while monetizing through charging subscriptions or pay-per-view access. Automatically archive events for later playback.

Live corporate events

Stream corporate online conferences, webinars and product launches to massive audiences with high video quality that can support high definition and 4K video.


Live delivery system built for scalability

Learn what it takes to reliably stream high video quality content to huge audiences for live event streaming through multiple delivery layers that helps you scale to reach the masses.

Adaptive bitrate streaming

Discover how a video stream configured for adaptive bitrate delivery can service a wide range of internet connections, from WiFi to hardline, with optimal video quality based on bandwidth.

Video studio recommendations

Whether setting up a dedicated studio for live event streaming or creating something remote for an event production team, learn what video equipment is recommended.

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