Enterprise Video Platform Management

Learn how Salesforce leverages a comprehensive online video platform for employee communications that includes live streaming and video on-demand, enhancing corporate community and culture.


Enterprise security features

Security features

IBM's video streaming services include multiple layers of encryption. Continuous edge-to-cloud protection with regulatory compliance is also provided. The solution is also ISO 27001 certified. Through integrations with corporate directories, end users can access content through SSO (Single Sign-On). This lets them use familiar credentials to access live and on-demand video.

Accessible HTML5 video player

Accessible HTML5 Video Player

A mobile friendly video player is included with IBM's enterprise video streaming solution. This player is accessible across virtually any device due to transcoding before delivery. No plugins or downloads are required. Includes support for curated video playlists.

AI-driven enterprise video

AI-driven enterprise video solution

Video assets are analyzed by the IBM Watson artificial intelligence (AI) across the content management system. This allows the AI to automate the creation of closed captions for the streaming platform. This includes being able to generate real time closed captions for live streams through training the AI ahead of time for the task.

Enterprise video solutions

Worldwide employee enablement

Learn how Roland engaged 2,500 employees through a rich HD video experience that focused on ease of use not only for the people doing the broadcast but for employees to be able to watch through a security rich enterprise video platform.

Enterprise video platform use cases

Executive town halls

Give your CEO tools to address the entire company for regular all-hands video to share vision and strategic direction through high quality, reliable video delivery.

Video training

Enable both your direct and partner sales teams with the latest product updates, strategies and incentives through an easily accessible corporate video portal.

Video conference auto-archive

Automatically stream and publish archives of every meeting through integration with video conferencing tools, resulting in easy search and discovery.


Using video for corporate communications

In this white paper learn tactics, use cases and strategies to improve your internal corporate communications.

Transform Webex with AI-driven processes

Discover how to leverage Cisco Webex Meetings and IBM Enterprise Video Streaming by infusing AI-driven processes.

Six tips for better internal communication

Download these six tips and start learning how to begin elevating the video experience for employees.

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