A changing workforce wants video

By 2025, millennials will make up more than 75% of the workforce. Learn how companies attract and empower them with video.

Improve employee engagement

Disengaged employees cost companies $450 billion annually. Learn how to use video to keep employees focused and unified.

The definitive guide to enterprise video

Discover the innovation within cloud-based platforms that make it easier to create, produce, manage and measure the use of video.

Corporate communication use cases

Executive Town Halls

Give your CEO tools to address the entire company for regular all-hands video meetings to share vision and strategic direction.

Internal Training

Enable your sales team with the latest product updates, strategies and incentives in an easily accessible IBM corporate video portal.

Department Meetings

Broadcast internal meetings for greater exposure inside your organization and auto-archive them for later reference.


Engage your employees with dynamic video while tracking attendance and completion.

Live video made the corporate heartbeat stronger

Learn how AngioDynamics got 3x more employees engaged because they liked the rich HD experience, and interacting through a Q&A module.

Live video made the corporate heartbeat stronger

It’s brought us into a whole new era of communication with our internal sales people.

Chris Holan, Director of Marketing, Roland

Featured products

Simplify your enterprise video communications

See a demo of IBM's cloud-based secure rich enterprise video streaming solution and learn how it broadcasts live and on-demand events to internal audiences on any device to improve corporate communications.

Enterprise Video Streaming

Protected corporate video streaming for employee engagement. Restrict video assets for intended audiences through corporate directory integrations with SSO (Single Sign-On). Through live transcoding, reach your workforce on virtually any device and track in-depth details on access logs for required training materials.

Enterprise Content Delivery Network

Relieve local delivery bottlenecks with virtualization. ECDN is installed on shared or dedicated hardware as a virtual server and consolidates ISP strain from viewers trying to watch streams concurrently. With the web-based portal, administrators can monitor performance across the network in real-time.

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