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Achieving Monetization Uplift

Learn how to arm editorial and sales teams with actionable data to optimize revenue on owned-and-operated sites with video recommendations.

Video Recommendations Datasheet

Understand this AI-based video personalization and programming solution and most common use cases.

AI Video Technology Blog

Learn how IBM Watson-powered video solutions are disrupting traditional media use cases.

Key Benefits



  • Extract and enrich metadata for every asset  in your video library with the power of AI
  • Use automated keyword tagging that frees editorial teams to focus on creative work
  • Leverage AI-generated metadata to boost content search and discovery
  • Automatically map assets into your unique taxonomy, or structure categories


  • Surface the right content to the right user on your sites and apps with video recommendations
  • Leverage algorithms that analyze context, consumption, and audience data
  • Create business rules to control the content that is recommended to your users
  • Use automation to stay within editorial and brand guidelines for your advertising
  • Increase engagement and build loyalty using continuous machine-learning of audience preferences


  • Help drive a 50-70% increase in average monthly video views through targeted video recommendations
  • Help achieve 2x - 5x industry-standard completion rates for premium ad campaigns
  • Place brand video in-stream alongside editorial content to drive additional revenue
  • Target users based on content viewed, location, or platform - to help meet minimum guarantees and increase overall stream yield


  • Track audience consumption and content performance across a variety of filters such as category and device
  • Gain new insights to inform your video recommendations strategy
  • Arm product, editorial and revenue teams with actionable data to increase video ad inventory, user engagement, and audience retention

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