Don’t just future-proof your video business

Serve exceptional video
experiences with Watson

IBM Watson Media solutions enable you to infuse AI throughout your media workflow or video library - unearthing opportunities to improve monetization, viewer engagement, content performance, ad revenues, and more.

Conquer captions with Watson Captioning

Watson Captioning helps you deliver accurate, compliant, and easily editable captions for your video content - saving you time and money along the way.

  • Highly accurate
  • Automated
  • Editable
  • Self-learning

Take your content further with Watson Video Enrichment

Watson Video Enrichment uses industry-leading AI to analyze multimedia content, and then builds easily searchable metadata packages for every asset in your library.

And by understanding video content on a much deeper level, your business will benefit across many areas that matter most to your bottom line:

  • Stronger viewer engagement
  • Improved content search and discovery
  • Recommendation uplift
  • New monetization opportunities

Video solutions powered by Watson

Solve critical content and viewer experience issues with IBM Watson Media.

Watson Captioning in action

Watson Captioning in action

Watson works the U.S. Open

Watson transcribed over 660 U.S. Open match videos using the Watson Speech to Text API.

The cognitive era is here

Unlock the true value of your video content today.

Get your data edge with IBM Watson Media.