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IBM Watson Media solutions enable leading brands to infuse artificial intelligence throughout their media workflow – unlocking new monetization opportunities and maximizing viewer engagement.

Introducing Watson Video Enrichment

Watson Video Enrichment uses industry-leading AI capabilities to analyze textual, audio, and visual data within multimedia content, so you can build easily searchable metadata packages for every asset in your library.

And by understanding content in new ways, your media business will benefit across many of the areas that matter most to your bottom line – from stronger viewer engagement through better content discovery and recommendations, to increased operational efficiency and higher ad revenues.

Watson watches. Your business benefits.

Learn how Watson Video Enrichment can help your business unlock the value in unstructured video data.

With more premium video providers than ever before, delivering superior user experiences is critical to maintaining your viewers’ satisfaction.

For service providers, broadcasters and channel owners, the key to success is providing excellent search, recommendations and personalization within services. In fact, a survey found that 67% of respondents would be likely to extend their contract, upgrade their service, or sign up with a provider if they offered better search or recommendations*.

Adding tags around concepts, entities, scenes, and additional keywords can help you do just that. Because content enriched by Watson is inherently more searchable, you can ensure that the right videos show up in more relevant searches.

*Source: Rovi, Cord Cutting Survey, September 2015. Results of an online survey of 4,000 Pay TV and OTT subscribers across the U.S., UK, France, Germany, China, Japan and India.

Content discovery

Watson Video Enrichment enables publishers and broadcasters to gain a deeper understanding of consumer viewing habits not previously attainable.

Today’s recommendation engines serve suggestions based off easily identifiable traits. For instance, if a consumer watched a drama starring Tom Hanks, they may recommend other dramas with Tom Hanks.

But what was it that really motivated the viewer? Was it Tom Hanks in a drama? Or was it because that drama took place in Seattle? Or maybe because the theme was personal loss, and possibly just because the main character had a son… You get the picture.

Enriched metadata allows you to connect seemingly unrelated data points to make sense of video, so you can connect viewers with relevant content in completely new ways.

Recommendation uplift

Providing closed captioning and translation services is expensive, complex, and error prone. New and changing standards, as well as regional rule variations, add to the challenge. And often times, captions are out of sync with dialogue or only partially available.

That’s not even to mention live captioning, which adds greater challenge as accuracy errors increase dramatically.

Watson Video Enrichment helps ensure real-time, accurate closed captions. And with closed caption data available, your business can tap into even more of Watson’s analysis capabilities.

As your content library grows, let Watson help automate key services and keep costs in check.

Closed captioning

In the fast moving world of sports, broadcasters need to generate clips and highlights as quickly as possible. But with hours of live video feeds and consumer demand for immediate gratification, this is no easy feat.

Watson Video Enrichment changes that with efficient video analysis that finds the most relevant highlights based on dynamic rules. Watson listens to, watches, and learns from live sports feeds to automatically identify and curate the most exciting moments, turning them into segments that can be used in online highlight packages to satisfy social demand.

Automating highlight creation not only saves you money and time, but also helps you scale for large events where demand and the need for quick turnaround is even greater.

Highlight clipping

Compliance is costly, but the alternative can be devastating. And the list of considerations never seems to end.

Adult content recognition. Violence detection. Recognizing objectionable language (in multiple languages nonetheless). Detecting racial insensitivity. Incorrect or fake material. Missing captions. Logos that don’t belong. Section 508 compliance. ADA compliance. Detecting trademark or licensing violations.

All big problems - in need of automation.

Watson understands the contents of video and knows when to flag assets that are in potential violation. Automatic identification with Watson Video Enrichment helps you stay compliant while eliminating the cost of manual search and identification.

Compliance monitoring

Built with Watson

TED + Watson

TED + Watson

Watson teamed up with TED to provide nuanced answers to some of life’s biggest questions. This “discovery engine” allows users to explore ideas inside all TED Talks videos via question and answer or keyword and metadata search in natural language.

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The cognitive era is here

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