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Video Uses

Employee Communications

– Employee Video Portal
– Town halls
– Training
– Live and On-Demand

Speech to Text and Captioning

– Live and On-demand captioning in the Cloud
– Easy error corrections and AI training
– Self-Learning

Live Event Streaming

– Conference streaming
– Product launches
– Massive audiences
– Virtual real-time measurement

Live Captioning for TV Stations

– Live captioning for TV broadcasts
– UI for error corrections
– Self-Learning
– Leverages existing station hardware

Video Analytics

– Real-time alerts for predefined behaviors
– Attribute-based search
– Scalable to sync 1000s of cameras

Training and Sales Enablement

– Reliably stream to large audiences
– Stream Webex sessions to larger audiences
– AI closed captions and archival for search

What our customers are saying

“incredibly well suited to deliver content when delivering content that is confidential and secure, mission critical scenarios and where ease of use is required…”

Steve Janak
Senior Platform Manager

“a marked improvement in ability to onboard new practices….one industry-leader cut their costs over 60%, increased training attendance over 50%, and decreased onboard timeline by weeks…”

Erik Woodard
Video Producer

“worth it if your company is interested in doing video streaming the right way…”

Dan Hamilton
Digital Multimedia Specialist

“It gives me great peace of mind to know that IBM's managing our video data in their cloud.”

Jo-ann Olsovsky

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