Virtual events and video streaming platform

Virtual events are a requirement in the future of hybrid workplaces and protecting a company’s confidentiality is paramount in the digital world. Live stream, simulated live and auto-archive for video on-demand to boost overall reach and engagement. Use IBM Video Streaming solutions to stream virtual events, executive town halls, video marketing product launches, and OTT streaming. Built for privacy, reliability and scale, to optimize video quality, and powered by IBM Watson AI for video search and automated closed captioning, our video solutions are used by thousands of companies worldwide.


Automate with AI

Automate with AI

Leverage AI to take video a step further while reducing manual effort. Automate live stream captioning, unlock video analytics, power video search and more.

Reliable worldwide delivery

Worldwide delivery

Reach virtually unlimited live streaming audience sizes across the globe and keep attendees connected. By using a multi-CDN (Content Delivery Network) infrastructure, you can.

Protect confidentiality

Reach virtually every device

Protect your company brand from event eavesdroppers, while supporting viewers across devices, like iOS and Android. Multiple layers of protection and encryption help instill confidence in digital experiences.

Live streaming, AI and video hosting solutions

Live streaming video reaches huge audiences

See how Salesforce transformed the Dreamforce conference into a hybrid live event, reaching millions of viewers with high quality video streaming content.

Live streaming service use cases

Live streaming

Create large scale live streams, host video entertainment venues with pay-per-view access for subscribers or conduct video marketing activities like product launches or webinars.

Corporate communication

Leverage security rich live video streaming for internal communication. Conduct executive townhalls, training and corporate events while building a video archive for playback.

Host virtual events

Create powerful virtual and hybrid events focused on attendee engagement, customization and high reliability for global scale while supporting live and on-demand experiences.



Watch webinars that help content creators, live streamers, corporate communicators and broadcasters more effectively utilize video. Highlights technology ranging from video platforms to live streaming software to event production. Includes analyst sessions, video trends and monetization best practices.

Video streaming blog

Read constantly updated articles with tutorials, best live streaming practices, guides for optimizing exposure on social media platforms, and industry trends for those who live stream videos. Includes product updates and customization options for IBM Video Streaming solutions.

White papers

Review a library of white papers across a range of video topics including virtual events, optimal settings for encoders, live stream encoding technology, and best practices for corporate communications and video marketing.

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