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Be strategic and invest wisely to achieve greater results

Leverage powerful planning, budgeting and analytics that connect to your marketing, CRM and finance systems. The Planning and Budgeting solution can be used independently from other Watson Marketing offerings and integrates seamlessly with Watson Campaign Automation.


Create and collaborate on plans that align to corporate strategy, predict revenue and forecast return on investment.


Track your budget forecasts, commits and actuals for a real-time view of your marketing investments, and reallocate as needed.


Integrate with CRM, Finance, and other operational data to get complete visibility into Marketing ROI.



Unified marketing planning

Collaborate on marketing plans that align bottom-up tactics with top-down strategic targets. Organize by product, geography, business unit, or any framework you choose to ensure a consistent structure and taxonomy. Create unique views by month or quarter, get the visibility you need, and adjust plans as you go.


What-if scenarios

Build contingencies into your plans to account for budget increases or decreases. Use a metadata structure to tag and track activities against goals, customer journey stages, products, or any attribute that's important to you.


Accurate spend management

Track your investments in real time so you’ll always know how much you’ve spent against your plan and where and when you can make adjustments. No more waiting on Finance to close their books before figuring out if you’ve over- or under-spent.


Measure and Understand ROI

With a firm grip on your investments and a connection to CRM, you’ll be able to demonstrate the ROI of every marketing activity. Roll up your results according to your business structure, providing you with the insights you need to make better decisions about future investments.

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