Big Data: Big Challenge or Big Opportunity?

With the tremendous surge in the volume and diversity of data, there’s an urgent need to leverage information across the entire enterprise and beyond.

Where’s All This Data Coming From?

Every second we create new data through computers, mobile and Internet of Things devices, wearables, beacons and more.

The Future of Banking: Mobile, Data-Driven, Real-Time

Better data use is enabling banks and insurers to save millions of dollars by identifying fraud and leakage, improving customer engagement, transforming online and mobile banking.

Manufacturing: How Data is Driving Innovation and Product Safety

Manufacturers are using all available data to find insights that help reduce the risk of defective products hitting the market.

Data in Retail: Engaging Customers on Every Channel

Retailers can now use a 360-degree view of their customers and products to personalize shopping experiences, online and in stores.

Cognitive in Call Centers: Enhancing Customer Service

Companies are looking to improve customer experiences and reduce churn by resolving issues faster and more effectively.

Big Data Equals Untapped Opportunities and Savings

Do you even know what opportunities you’re missing out on by not analyzing all your data?

Learn how to drive performance from your big data