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with AI

Help advisors, procurement professionals, analysts and knowledge workers find the information they need, when they need it. Improve performance with Watson.

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Put the right insights in agents’ and advisors’ hands faster

Financial consultants can sift through more data in less time accurately with Watson’s custom machine learning, advanced text mining and analytics. Natural language interactions via web or chatbot interfaces make it easy to surface insights to improve performance.


Hear how a leading ASEAN insurer achieved 32% reduction in call center call volume.

Increase Productivity

Client advisors at Crédit Mutuel now answer customer questions 60% faster.

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Jason Juliano quote

“We’ve created solutions that let an auditor review working papers, documents, contracts or leases in minutes, where it used to take them up to 4 hours.”

Jason Juliano, CEO, Aponia

Streamline contract management and review more contracts in less time

Find issues in contracts with semantic analysis that can identify pertinent clauses whether they contain keywords or not. Flag discrepancies rapidly to improve performance. Enable sophisticated natural language queries over a single index of contracts to allow contract reviewers to interact naturally and without technical skills. Works on IBM Cloud or IBM Cloud Private.

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Learn how Autodesk dramatically cut the time employees spend reading through and comparing dense contracts.

Jason Juliano quote

"We’ve created solutions that let an auditor review working papers, documents, contracts or leases in minutes, where it used to take them up to 4 hours."

Jason Juliano, CEO, Aponia

Uncover trends in unstructured data in real-time

Watson helps analysts, engineers and lawyers find what they need when they need it in context of unique business and industry terminology with custom domain training, text analytics and machine learning. Embed Watson in existing workflows and introduce stand-alone capabilities for your teams. Natural language makes it easy to interact over the web or with chatbots.


Learn how Accrete.AI uncovers insights from news and social media to help fund managers.


Woodside helps employees find knowledge fast.

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Build your own

  • Documentation, SDKs and starter code
  • Introductory and tiered plans to accommodate your usage needs
  • Easy-to-use packaged option to improve customer experience with IBM Watson for Customer Feedback

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AI for experts

  • Understand how to prepare your data
  • Build out the solution
  • Train, test and calibrate the solution
  • Hand off code for your internal implementation
  • Includes 60 days of on-demand consulting and follow up support

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Enterprise transformation

  • Get help to scope, prepare, build, train and undertake a data and knowledge transformation
  • Use your enterprise expertise to train Watson to understand the nuances of your industry for high levels of accuracy and relevance
  • Simplify development with IBM Watson Discovery's integrated ingestion, crawlers, natural language processing and advanced analysis
  • Bring agile methods and design thinking to move fast and integrate

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Did you know?


of a typical knowledge worker's day is spent looking for and consolidating information spread across a variety of systems.

Source: IDC


Inefficient contracting causes firms to lose up to 40% of value on a given deal.

Source: Harvard Business Review


of enterprise data today is unstructured, residing in notes, emails, files, PDFs and documents.

Source: Forbes