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With Watson you can streamline how you engage with customers, partners and employees. Build robust, enterprise-grade chatbots to transform your customer service department and more.

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Conversational AI for the enterprise

This guide discusses how to approach building conversational AI for the enterprise. It includes some of the most important factors to consider for getting started, conversational design, and deploying your chatbot.

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Case Studies

staples easy button


Staples engages their customers wherever, whenever and however they want

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H&R Block

H&R Block makes tax preparation smarter

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Autodesk improved customer response times by 99%

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Building a chatbot has never been easier

Build, deploy and optimize chatbots quickly and efficiently with Watson Conversation’s advanced capabilities and easy to use interface.


Quickly train a bot

Our intuitive interface lets you build your bot quickly and reliably

Connect to messaging channels

Easily integrate with multiple social and messaging channels including Slack, Facebook and Twilio

Watson lets you know what your bot is missing

Watson recommends what to train next based on frequently asked but unanswered questions

Provide complex responses from your documentation

Address more questions with answers previously hidden in your documentation by integrating with Watson Discovery Service


Developer TV

Learn how to build a chatbot with these Watson Conversation tutorial videos


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