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Chatbots are an essential way to let users interact with organizations. They speak the same language we do, can answer questions and offer support at a moment's notice. By adding a natural language interface to your app, website or device or even to messaging apps and social channels, bots can break down the barriers to fast, efficient customer communications.

Whether you're a developer looking to build your own chatbot or a business looking to implement one without needing to code from scratch, Watson can help.

Connect to messaging channels

Watson works with Botkit to easily integrate with popular messaging platforms, such as Slack, Facebook Messenger and Twilio.

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Integrations for messaging platforms

Quickly train a Bot

Tooling makes it easy to train your bot with dialog flows and pre-trained content. No machine learning experience required.

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Watson Conversation tooling to build a bot

What others are saying about Watson

Watson Conversation helped us immensely and changed the trajectory of the project. The visual tooling around it made everything significantly easier — easier to train Watson on our product catalog and intents, and easier to see where we were having issues. It’s fantastic.

Ian Goodwin,
Applied Innovation organization,

Watson is probably about 80 percent of what we do right now. We are totally wedded to Watson.

Chris Sykes,
Chief Executive Officer,
Volume Ltd.

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Learn how you can build a chatbot with Watson

Build a chatbot in ten minutes with Watson

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Introducing Watson Virtual Agent

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Watson Virtual Agent whitepaper

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Chatbots 101: A primer for app developers

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Introducing Watson Conversation Service

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Start building your chatbot with Watson

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For developers

With the Watson Conversation API, you can train an instance of Watson and build your very own chatbot.

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For business users

Watson Virtual Agent lets you bring chatbot capabilities to your organization without needing to start from scratch.