Anticipate and address actuarial and clinical risk by using data to understand what your community needs at and have the flexibility to make use of these insights in the moments that matter.


Strategies to align with new payment models

Contract and risk management analytic tools

Population risk stratification models and tools

Care management framework

Network design and management

Provider performance profiles

Mercy Health

Mercy Health selected Watson Health to help integrate disparate data sources to improve care for at-risk patients.

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Siemens Healthineers and IBM Watson Health

Siemens Healthineers and IBM Watson Health are tackling population health together. By combining the clinical expertise of Siemens and cognitive computing leadership of IBM Watson Health, you can make critical healthcare data meaningful and create actionable initiatives that will help your organization thrive.

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Our products

IBM Explorys Population Assessment

An analytic offering that allows a healthcare system to effectively manage utilization and health of a value-based care population of interest.

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Watson Care Manager

A robust platform that unlocks data and integrates information across multiple systems and automates work flows and enables individualized care plans that address whole person health.

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IBM Explorys EPM: Registry

Quickly identifies target populations to help you make better decisions about risk stratified care management.

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IBM Explorys EPM: Measure

An integrated framework for correlating billions of clinical, operational and financial events into benchmarks and scorecards for comparison.

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IBM Explorys SuperMart

Unlocking data for authorized users also means making it easily consumable using the tools and systems in which your organization has already invested.

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IBM Explorys EPM: Inform

A performance management tool that monitors performance, related to specific initiatives.

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IBM Explorys Platform

Enables healthcare systems to collect, link and combine data from hundreds of disparate sources across their enterprise and clinically integrated networks.

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IBM Explorys EPM: Explore

Enables care and quality program designers to search and browse populations as well as billions of data elements surrounding diagnoses, treatment, outcomes, costs and demographics.

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IBM Explorys Network

Enables member collaboration and collective intelligence to promote newer and better models for care delivery and quality.

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Truven Health Analytics products

Watson Health empowers you with value-based solutions to optimize performance, engage consumers, deliver effective care and manage the health of your population.

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