IBM® Explorys EPM: Registry quickly identifies target populations to help you make better decisions about risk stratified care management. It is an integrated framework for producing criteria-defined patient lists accompanied by extensive clinical, financial and operational data.

IBM Explorys EPM: Registry is part of the IBM Explorys EPM Application Suite. This suite is a set of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-based applications built to run on standard web browsers. They use industry-standard user interfaces and security mechanisms within a healthcare compliant framework.

IBM Explorys EPM: Registry key features

On demand and up-to-date registries to define and track at-risk populations.

  • Produces criteria-defined patient lists accompanied by extensive clinical, financial and operational data within an integrated framework.
  • Quickly identifies your target population. View data that can empower your decision making and risk stratified care management.
  • Enables registries to be defined as broadly or narrowly as necessary to fit your operational needs – using Watson Health’s flexible attribution models, business-rules engines as well as its sorting and filtering functions.

The power of the IBM Explorys Platform to process disparate data.

  • Processes aggregated patient data from disparate EMR, billing and claims systems through the powerful IBM Explorys Platform.
  • Integrates with the rest of the IBM Explorys EPM Suite of Applications – IBM Explorys EPM: Inform and IBM Explorys EPM: Measure.
  • Provides an insightful holistic view of your patients and populations.

Flexible user interface with extensive registry definition language to customize, sort, filter and export for easy use.

  • Displays a matrix of rows (patients) and columns (data elements). Columns can be added and removed as needed. Data in the columns can be sorted and filtered.
  • Downloads any registry as an Excel file for reporting purposes.
  • Includes a starter pack of three registries: Diabetes, Heart Failure and Hypertension- Working with the Watson Health content team, you can edit the starter pack registries or use the flexible Explorys EPM: Registry Definition Language (RDL) to build a registry from scratch.


IBM Explorys Platform solution brief

Learn how the IBM Explorys Platform enables you to collect, link and combine data from hundreds of disparate sources inside and outside of your organization necessary to analyze and manage quality, cost, risk and outcomes across partners delivering healthcare.

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Data Infrastructure for Managing Population Health

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