IBM® Explorys EPM: Inform is a performance management tool that monitors performance, related to specific initiatives. It aggregates, displays and explores performance data and organizes it into scorecards.

The scorecards are pre-configured and then made available for users to access. The pre-configuration of measures, organizational charts, populations and attribution models ensures that users focus on measuring and monitoring the right content.

IBM Explorys EPM: Inform key features

Monitor, explore and manage key initiatives to gain a clear understanding of performance, identify opportunities and then take action. Inform helps you improve performance at the facility, provider or patient level.

  • Set up scorecards configured around key initiatives and use cases.
  • Access scorecards relevant to the entire organization, but with views configured and curated for individual users.
  • Quickly understand overall performance and trends.
  • Compare performance across the organization – and relative to targets and benchmarks.
  • Dive into different types of performance data across the organization.
  • Access relevant patient lists and underlying clinical data to help take action.

Assess and drive performance with a broad set of use cases – applying to a wide range of roles within your organization.

  • Enable executives and upper management to quickly assess overall performance and easily drill down to specific performance metrics.
  • Gain flexibility so that department, group and practice managers can easily assess performance.
  • Drill down into individual performance to understand addressable gaps.
  • Allow health plan administrators to use a scorecard view – ensuring that health plans operate effectively in both quality and costs.
  • Permit providers to set up use cases tailored to their performance, allowing quick understanding of performance – with the ability to drill down to patient lists – identifying patients that need immediate intervention.
  • Provide care coordinators the opportunity to focus on improvement areas – driving improvement for the multiple providers and practices they manage.


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