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    Solutions for HEOR, epidemiology, medical affairs or market access

    Our real-world data, analytic tools, and outcomes research and value demonstration services enable you to gain deeper insights and evidence using longitudinal data, rigorous design, and advanced methodologies to generate clinical and economic evidence of a treatment’s value.

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    Whether you need objective research services from experienced specialists, data and insights, or a combination, IBM is here to support you.

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    Outcomes research and value demonstration services

    Real-world data

    The IBM® MarketScan® Research Databases

    The IBM MarketScan Research Databases integrate real-world data from large employers, managed care organizations, hospitals and other sources to reflect the full continuum of care. The depth of patient-level detail and strong longitudinality make the MarketScan Research Databases exceptional resources for real-world evidence generation.

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    120+large, self-insured companies

    Analytic tool

    IBM MarketScan Treatment Pathways

    An online, analytic interface for the IBM MarketScan Research Databases and other real-world data that supports cross-sectional and longitudinal analyses, descriptive reporting, exploratory research, and quick querying.

    It offers quick, easy access to real-world data with easy-to-use visualization tools and advanced analytics that don’t require programming skills.