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    Solutions for cross-functional evidence generation

    IBM offers solutions to support the multifaceted goals of teams responsible for sourcing real-world data, analytic tools, and research services for several different areas of their organization.

    Real-world data

    The IBM® MarketScan® Research Databases

    The IBM MarketScan Research Databases integrate real-world data from large employers, managed care organizations, hospitals and other sources to reflect the full continuum of care. The depth of patient-level detail and strong longitudinality make the MarketScan Research Databases exceptional resources for real-world evidence generation.

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    120+large, self-insured companies

    Analytic tools

    IBM MarketScan Treatment Pathways

    This online analytic interface for the IBM MarketScan Research Databases and other sources of real-world data offer you rapid access to advanced analytics and visualizations from an easy-to-use interface that doesn't require programming skills. You can use this platform to support cross-sectional and longitudinal reporting, conduct exploratory research and generate quick queries.

    IBM MarketScan Inpatient and Outpatient View

    This cloud-based solution provides you with high-level insights to define your market, forecast product potential, and segment facilities and providers for drug and device market investments.

    IBM® Facility Targeting Reports

    This reporting tool combines hospital diagnosis and procedure volumes with physician affiliation data to provide you with product forecasting, sales force alignment, call plans and clinical trial placement data for targeting hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers in the US.

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    Analytic tools

    Research and analytics

    Partner with experts in research and analytics

    Whether you need objective research services from experienced specialists, data and insights, or a combination, IBM is here to support you.

    Health Economics and Outcomes Research

    Delivers pre- and post-market studies built using rich real-world data, rigorous design and advanced methodologies to quantify and substantiate the therapeutic and economic value.

    Market analytics

    Use data to generate insights about the market potential for a specific treatment or for all treatments that address a particular disease.

    In the early stages of the treatment life cycle, we specialize in informing development resource prioritization across the potential treatments pipeline so that you can focus on the treatments with the greatest potential for impact.

    As you approach the launch phase and post-launch, we can support the creation, refinement, and execution of your strategies around physician and payer-facing messaging and outreach to ensure comprehensive market access, patient impact, and commercial success.

    Economic modeling

    Incorporates epidemiologic, clinical, and economic data as a collective set of inputs to build economic models that answer stakeholder questions.

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    Research and analytic services