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Navigating Market Expert and Finding the Help You Need40 minWeb Seminar (Recorded)Register
What's New in Market Expert (Nov 2018)30 minWeb Seminar (Recorded)Register

Business Decision Matrix

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Market Expert Data Matrix with Key Business DecisionsPDFGuideDownload

Market Expert Tools

Application Wizard: Creating a new user defined application from scratch50 minWeb Seminar (Recorded)Register
Application Wizard: Modifying a standard application50 minWeb Seminar (Recorded)Register
Clinical Product Line Editor30 minWeb Seminar (Recorded)Register
Pivot Tables30 minWeb Seminar (Recorded)Register
State Data Aggregation30 minWeb Seminar (Recorded)Register

Module Specific

Ambulatory Surgery Estimates10 minVideo DemonstrationRegister
Cancer Estimates15 minVideo DemonstrationRegister
Dashboard Reports: Customizing Dashboard05 minVideo DemonstrationRegister
Dashboard Reports: Editing Market Expert Dashboard Reports05 minVideo DemonstrationRegister
Dashboard Reports: Introduction to Demographic Snapshot Dashboard Report10 minVideo DemonstrationRegister
Dashboard Reports: Introduction to Insurance Coverage Estimates Dashboard Report5 minVideo DemonstrationRegister
Dashboard Reports: Introduction to State Data Dashboard Reports15 minVideo DemonstrationRegister
Dashboard Reports: Introduction to State Data-Scape Dashboard Reports10 minVideo DemonstrationRegister
Dashboard Reports: Slicers within Market Expert Dashboard Reports10 minVideo DemonstrationRegister
Demographics Expert90 minHands-On Tutorial (Interactive)Register
Emergency Department Estimates15 minVideo DemonstrationRegister
Heart Disease Estimates15 minVideo DemonstrationRegister
Household Targeter and Health Status Profiler 30 minWeb Seminar (Recorded)Register
Inpatient Demand Estimates30 minWeb Seminar (Recorded)Register
Insurance Coverage Estimates12 minHands-On Tutorial (Interactive)Register
Outpatient Forecaster90 minHands-On Tutorial (Interactive)Register
Outpatient Procedure Estimates30 minWeb Seminar (Recorded)Register
Outpatient Profiles30 minWeb Seminar (Recorded)Register
Provider Analyst30 minWeb Seminar (Recorded)Register
Scenario Forecaster30 minWeb Seminar (Recorded)Register
State Data-Scape20 minHands-On Tutorial (Interactive)Register

Esri Mapping

Advanced Formatting30 minWeb Seminar (Recorded)Register
Introduction30 minWeb Seminar (Recorded)Register
Multivariate Maps30 minWeb Seminar (Recorded)Register