IBM® Explorys Population Assessment is an analytic offering that allows a healthcare system to effectively manage utilization and health of a value-based care population of interest. It is delivered as a PDF report along with an analytic dataset that comprises the underlying data behind the report.

IBM Explorys Population Assessment Investigator Watson Edition provides cognitive insights to identify key drivers of risk by using the analytic dataset available on the IBM Watson Analytics platform.


IBM Explorys Population Assessment features enhanced visibility to better understand risk:

• Using this report, delivered as a PDF, providers can better understand financial risk.

• Gain insights into clinical condition prevalence, high utilizer profiles, risk/utilization stratification, geographic footprint match and performance on quality metrics.

• With the ability to choose from a wide variety of clinical and actuarial risk models – both commercial and public – you can make more informed decisions.

Diabetes | Circulatory Disease | Congestive Heart Failure and Ischemic Heart Disease | Neoplasm [..]

IBM Explorys Population Assessment Investigator Watson Edition features advanced cognitive capabilities:

• Gain access to an interactive dashboard that is available to further analyze the value-based care population.

• Build your own visualizations from the dataset made available through the Population Assessment.

• Use ad-hoc and predictive analytics capabilities of Watson Analytics.

• Drill into factors driving high risk or utilization and create predictive models on your local case mix to gain a better understanding of this risk.


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