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IBM Watson Health helps improve the efficiency of Health and Human Service organizations and citizen engagement through strategic partnerships. Business consulting and technology solutions companies offer domain expertise in human service programs.

Our Business Partners are able to help improve business operations for Health and Human Service agencies by integrating and configuring commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions. By engaging with our Health and Social Programs Business Partners, health and human services professionals are better equipped to support improved outcomes for individuals and their families, at lower costs.

Who They Are


Partner level:

Partner level:



RedMane offers deep domain expertise in health and human services areas such as Medicaid, Child Support Enforcement (CSE), Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), childcare and child welfare. The solutions encompass a wide array of IT capabilities: developing case management systems and integrating enterprise commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions, designing business intelligence functions, implementing mobility solutions, creating web-based client interfaces, and more. RedMane supports all aspects of a project and has extensive expertise in care coordination, child support, child welfare and income support. With a deep understanding of state policies and federal regulations, RedMane is positioned to recommend innovative solutions and specific technologies to meet the needs of health and human services organizations.

Areas of expertise: care coordination, child support, child welfare and income support, mobile



eSystems has successfully delivered over a dozen engagements in health and human services and social services. eSystems has been awarded numerous contracts by Department of Human Services (DHS) agencies to design, develop and implement projects pertaining to eligibility and enrollment and ACA mandates under the Health Care Affordability Act. They were engaged on the Arkansas Eligibility and Enrollment Framework (EEF) project to enable Arkansas to be one of the few states to meet the federally mandated October 1, 2013 deadline for accepting MAGI Medicaid applications.

Areas of expertise: Medicaid Eligibility, child protection, child welfare, worker’s compensation

Infosys Public Services


Infosys Public Services is a leader in business consulting, technology solutions and next-generation services. Infosys Public Services completes the Social Program Management platform by providing other components: interfaces, batch, notice systems, OCM, infrastructure and advisory services and can integrate Social Program Management as the core eligibility and case management platform with other tools and technology (both Infosys IP and others) to provide the most complete and workable solution for our clients. Infosys Public Services won two IBM awards in 2013: the IBM Choice Award in the Top Business Partner Growth Markets category and the IBM Smarter Commerce Award.

Areas of expertise: Integrated Eligibility



Wipro Ltd. Is a leading information technology, consulting and business process services company that is recognized globally for its comprehensive portfolio of services, a practitioner’s approach to delivering innovation and an organization-wide commitment to sustainability. Wipro delivers winning business outcomes through its deep industry experience and a 360-degree view of “business through technology,” which helps create successful and adaptive businesses, and increases efficiency for social programs organizations.

The Wipro MedEE solution integrates a complete suite of applications for robust business intelligence analytics, reporting and web service integration components, helping states comply with healthcare mandates and provide Medicaid benefits through streamlined operations.

Areas of expertise: Medicaid Eligibility



For Health & Human Services agencies around the world, Diona provides enterprise mobility solutions and Cúram consulting services for IBM Cúram. With more than 130 employees and more than 800 years of collective Human Services IT experience, Diona works with governments at the city, local, state and national level to deliver technology solutions that make life better for people in need. The Diona Mobility family of enterprise solutions offers clients, case workers, service providers, and agency managers the ability to provide and receive help through mobile phones, tablets, and other mobile.

Areas of expertise: Mobility

Mobile Solutions

IBM Business Partners who have been approved for the IBM Cúram Mobile Validation Program are leveraging IBM's industry leading technologies to create new channels for accessing Cúram - including kiosks, applets, mobile applications and other systems of engagement. Our mobility Business Partners expand IBM's mobile capabilities and reach by developing applications that provide:

  • Enhanced flexibility and ease-of-use for care providers, case workers and consumers
  • Access to information, while on the go, to enable more informed decisions and better outcomes
  • Improved ability to take action at the point of care

Diona Mobility is a family of commercial off the shelf (COTS) enterprise solutions that bring together devices such as mobile phones and tablets with agency case management & eligibility systems for faster implementation, integration, and configuration. Health & Human Services agencies, social workers, investigators and case workers in the field and self-service clients utilize Diona Mobility for the following:

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  • Diona Mobile Visits – Helps social workers review, update and act on essential information about their clients while in the field
  • Assessments for Mobile Visits – social workers have access to a paperless assessments
  • Diona Mobile Investigations – A tool for investigators to manage their investigations caseload and get and gather critical information while on scene at an investigation.
  • Diona Mobile Self-Service – Health & Human Services clients have easy mobile access that turns mobile devices such as phones and tablets into tools that assist people to view, provide and receive information related to their eligibility and cases.
  • Diona Mobile Uploads – gives clients of agencies the option to use their mobile phones or tablets to photograph and submit copies of documents supporting their applications and claims.

Out-of-the-box integration between Cúram and Diona and based on open standards for flexible and supportable solutions.

Diona extends and enhances IBM Cúram through next-generation design-led solutions that turn mobile devices into tools that improve service delivery for agency staff, citizens, and providers.

Together Cúram and Diona offer agencies the technology base to transform how they support their clients.

RedMane’s mobile extension to Cúram – mCase – enables users to work in the field on mobile devices in areas with limited or no network connectivity.

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  • Child welfare investigators can interview contacts, perform assessments and attach photographs and diagrams.
  • Provider managers responsible for licensing and investigating can use mCase to record home studies, update staff information and attach photographs of facilities.
  • Social workers engaging with children in their home, school or other locations can use mCase to record contact logs, perform assessments and attach photographs and drawings. mCase can also be used to update outcome plans in the home with the family.
  • Additional features include:
    • Ability to provide child care organizations attendance information
    • Offline access Support
    • GPS coordinates in record audits
    • Device camera to be used to attach photographs.
    • Support for annotating photographs and diagrams using the touchscreen.
    • Access to key case, person and provider data, including contact logs, assessments, attachments and outcome plans.
    • “Emergency help” feature automatically calls for assistance and transmits GPS locations.

Mobivertex enables Health and Human Service workers to utilize any Android, iOS and Windows mobile device to quickly reduce reporting time, therefore spending more time in the field serving their clients.

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Mobivertex can customize a mobile application to fit with Cúram solutions used by caseworkers, social workers or Health and Human Services clients.

Mobivertex mobile applications allow for improved efficiency in the following:

  • Easy in person search and program registration
  • Quickly search for a case, register case or manage case lifecycle
  • More effectively manage evidences and add attachments
  • Easily utilize a citizen portal

For more information on becoming an IBM Watson Health Business Partner for Health and Social Programs, contact Health and Social Programs Channels to join our Business Partner Community