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Watson for Oncology: 90% concordance with tumor board recommendation

Highlands Oncology Group Leveraging IBM Watson for Clinical Trial Matching

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In a double-blinded study, the doctors at Manipal Hospitals found that Watson was concordant with the tumor board recommendations in 90 percent of breast cancer cases. The study was presented at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium.

*Source: Presentation by Prof. Dr. S.P. Somashekhar, Chairman, Manipal Comprehensive Cancer Center, Manipal Hospitals, Bangalore, India at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium, December 9th, 2016

Highlands Oncology Group is using Watson to quickly find clinical trials for which their patients may be eligible. Watson’s unique ability to analyze a patient’s medical record and check it against lists of complex trial eligibility criteria is helping oncologists at Highlands enroll more patients in trials and contribute to research on a local and national level.

Watson Health is helping oncologists implement a model of cancer care that puts their patients at the center. With our suite of oncology & genomics solutions, clinicians can enhance discovery, uncover essential connections, and heighten confidence in their cancer treatment decisions.

Data and evidence

Cancer is a complex and sometimes elusive disease, and each person’s unique cancer may present unexpected challenges. For this reason, physicians often seek opinions from other experts to either corroborate a treatment plan or consider a new approach based on the supporting evidence -- potentially boosting confidence in their treatment decisions.

Recent studies continue to demonstrate that Watson for Oncology “agrees” with physicians around the world in the vast majority of cases – so experts can focus on what they do best— deliver care.

Demonstrated concordance rates of 96% for lung, 81% for colon and 93% for rectal cancer cases with a multi- disciplinary tumor board in India.

"WFO is a cognitive computing tool that has the potential to improve the consistency, efficiency, and overall quality of cancer care in Mexico.”

Realized concordance rate of 83% for multiple cancer types compared to recommendations from oncologists in a study a multispecialty hospital in Thailand.

“This cognitive computing technology holds much promise in helping oncologists make information intensive, evidence based treatment decisions.”


Bring personalized, evidence-supported cancer care plans to your patients

The amount of information available to inform cancer care decisions is growing exponentially. Yet the time needed to consume this information—locating insights specific to each patient’s unique needs to potentially improve treatment outcomes—is more limited than ever.

Watson for Oncology helps physicians quickly identify key information in a patient’s medical record, surface relevant evidence and explore treatment options.

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Consume and keep pace with the growing body of medical literature, guidelines, trials, articles, and patient data

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Understand the longitudinal medical record and applying natural language processing and advanced cognitive algorithms to each unique patient case.

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Generate a list of potential treatment options ranked by applicability—recommended, for consideration, and not recommended.

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Review treatment options and supporting evidence side by side to understand Watson’s rationale and quickly access the relevant articles and clinical data.