IBM Watson Health helps government organizations manage unemployment claims, determine eligibility for benefits and coordinate rehabilitation, job readiness and retraining services. This solution supports the full claim lifecycle and enables organizations to differentiate between simple claims and more complex retraining, education and multidisciplinary service delivery.

The solution for Employment can accommodate employment insurance workflows and transactions within single organizations or integrated approaches to eligibility and benefits delivery that cut across multiple employment and social assistance programs.


A configurable, modular solution provides agencies with the flexibility to meet current needs, adapt to future changes quickly and reduce implementation risk and cost.

Citizen-centric service delivery improves access and claim management.

Integrated eligibility and entitlement and payment management systems enables quick responses to new and changing demands.

Outcome management tools tracks client progress and support job-retraining and self-sufficiency.

Helping employment services agencies respond to the changing nature of work: Pay benefits, help people be job ready and find jobs with job matching capabilities.

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