The IBM® Explorys solutions draw on de-identified data that resides in a cloud-based, HIPAA-enabled, highly secure platform. The sources of real world clinical, operational and financial data are large, integrated delivery systems and clinically integrated networks that span the continuum of care. IBM Explorys solutions maintain an ongoing connection to healthcare systems that form the IBM Explorys Network.

Real-world data highlights

Patient-level longitudinal data

Rich clinical data from electronic medical record systems across multiple care venues

Linked clinical (ambulatory and inpatient) and adjudicated claims data

New data streams into the cloud daily, allowing potential use cases not possible with stale data

Sources of real-world data span the continuum of care

Ambulatory settings

  • Primary care
  • Specialty centers
  • Community practices

Inpatient settings

  • Hospital inpatient
  • Emergency
  • Surgical

Post-acute care settings

  • Long-term care
  • Rehabillitation
  • Home health

Generate meaningful insights by harnessing advanced data
management capabilities in the cloud

IBM Explorys Therapeutic Datasets

  • Underlying patient-level de-identified data for a study population based on client-defined selection criteria
  • Comprehensive data with full longitudinal history across venues of care
  • May be refreshed weekly with new patients and data

IBM Explorys Virtual Workbench

  • Virtual desktop residing within the IBM Explorys cloud
  • Required to access and analyze Therapeutic Datasets
  • Equipped with IBM and third-party standard analytic tools
  • Possible to collaborate on projects with other users

IBM Explorys Cohort Discovery

  • Browser-based high-speed search and analysis tool used for ad hoc population analytics
  • Ideal for testing hypotheses, determining protocol feasibility, and identifying relationships, patterns, and trends

Potential benefits for life sciences industry and partners

  • Better understand
    disease history,
    epidemology and

  • Determine the
    economic impact for
    select populations

  • Ascertain
    post-marketing signals
    that may warrant
    deeper safety
    surveillance studies

  • Identify the patient
    profile most likely to
    benefit from a given

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